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Tow Trucks – What to Know Before Purchasing One

You need tow trucks to start an automotive repair or repossession company. Tow trucks are specially built to transport broken down vehicles. They can also be used to remove illegally parked vehicles or repossess vehicles belonging to people who have defaulted on their vehicle loans or loans secured using vehicles. As a result, owning tow trucks makes a lot of business sense if you want to venture in the automotive repair or repossession business among other related businesses. The challenge lies buying the right tow trucks. Different types of automotive related businesses require different types of tow trucks. Tow trucks also vary in regards to performance features, towing equipment among many other things. So, how do you choose the right tow truck/s to buy?


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What to know before purchasing one 


1. Towing equipment

It’s worth noting that tow trucks are differentiated mainly by the type of towing equipment they carry. There are three main type of towing equipment each of which determines the towing ability of the tow truck. Each towing equipment has its pros and Image result for towing equipmentcons. The flatbed is the most expensive to buy but safest for towing all kinds of vehicles including heavily damaged vehicles. The sling/hook and chain is the cheapest to buy but most outdated. The hook and chain requires a lot of manual labor to operate and exposes the vehicles being towed to a lot of damage risks.

The wheel-lift is less risky than the hook and chain. It is also easier to use but comes with some notable cons such as; a wheel-lift can’t tow heavily damaged or all-wheel drive vehicles. It’s important to note that some newer model tow trucks can feature multiple towing systems. The type of towing business you want to start should help you determine the kind of towing equipment you want in your towing truck. Ideally, it is good to get a towing truck with multiple capabilities. However, you should be willing to spend a bit more money.



2. Engine towing performance

You also need to know about engine tow performance before you buy a towing truck. Different towing trucks have different engine performance so the one you buy should have enough power to tow the vehicles you want to tow. This will, of course, be dictated by the kind of towing business you want to start. For instance, you need more engine towing performance if you plan on towing trucks. Engine towing performance is an important consideration since it dictates the capability of towing trucks.


3. Tow truck features

You should also familiarize yourself with tow truck features. Towing equipment and power aside, the tow truck you buy shouldImage result for tow truck have features capable of supporting the application you have in mind. For instance, the tow truck should have an engine that is capable of carrying the vehicles you have in mind with ease. The tow truck should also have an ideal suspension and braking system to boost usability as well as reduce safety risks. Other important tow truck features to consider include; in-cab controls, passenger capacity and overdrive gears. The tow truck should also have large extendable mirrors. Having a good understanding of the most important tow truck features to look out for beforehand increases your chances of buying a tow truck that will serve you perfectly.


4. Used or new tow truck?

Buying a new tow truck is ideal when you are willing to spend. A new tow truck comes with multiple benefits such as custom features, zero mileage and a warranty that extends for a couple of years. A used tow truck is the best option for you if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, however, be prepared to spend more on maintenance. Used tow trucks also tend to be less reliable unless they have a perfect service record. It also takes plenty of time and work to find a good used tow truck.


Looking to start a tow truck business? Well, you are already equipped with the most important information now. Understanding the different types of towing equipment will help you choose the best tow truck for your business. Understanding towing performance will help you choose a tow truck that is capable of handling the towing application you have in mind. Considering tow truck features beforehand helps you choose a highly functional and secure tow vehicle. Lastly, understanding the pros and cons of a new vs. used tow truck will help you make a wise decision from the onset.